Moray Maths Contest  -  1 Nov to 7 Nov

This contest has now finished. Congratulations to all those who took part!
Schools played
Students played
Questions answered
Correct answers

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Top 10 schools

Overall school scores are the average number of correct answers out of the students in the school. At least 15 students from the school must have played in order to get an average score.

Position School name Score
1st St Sylvesters Primary 630
2nd Rothiemay PS 628
3rd Hopeman Primary School 436
4th New Elgin Primary School 399
5th Logie Primary 336
6th Burghead Primary School 331
7th Portknockie Primary School 320
8th Mosstodloch Primary School 314
9th Cluny Primary 297
10th Anderson's Primary 283
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Top 10 students

Top 10 students based on the number of questions answered correctly in the contest so far.

Position Name School name Score
1st FernS Aberlour Primary School 998
2nd ScottM Hopeman Primary School 997
3rd SarahH Burghead Primary School 990
4th VictoriaB Anderson's Primary 979
5th NathanF Burghead Primary School 979
6th EuanB Portknockie Primary School 972
7th LaurenD Rothiemay PS 970
8th IonaD Anderson's Primary 969
9th elliss St Sylvesters Primary 967
10th MattJ Hopeman Primary School 960
Top 50 student scores

Daily winners

Date School Score
November 7 New Elgin Primary School 267
November 6 Hopeman Primary School 285
November 5 Rothiemay PS 204
November 4 St Sylvesters Primary 280
November 1 Cluny Primary 212
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