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1 hour Sumdog each week.

3x faster progress.

3x faster progress. Proven.

Sumdog has been developed with the help of teachers and educational experts around the world.

To develop Sumdog's pedagogy, we work continually with educationalists across the country.

Effectiveness studies and case studies, together with regular focus groups and questionnaires, guide our pedagogy. In addition, consultation from independent experts and data analysis help refine our educational algorithms and user experience.

United ISD Effectiveness Study

August 2016
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Validated by Dr. Afi Y. Wiggins from Texas State University, this study uses a quasi-experimental pre-test post-test design to explore the correlation between the length of time students in United Independent School District spent playing games on Sumdog and their improvement in mathematics proficiency.

Teachers and students also took part in surveys to investigate changes in attitude towards mathematics.

Glasgow City Effectiveness Study

July 2016
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This mathematics study found that the length of time spent using Sumdog has a highly significant impact.

Students who spent 1 hour per week on Sumdog progressed 3 times faster than those who spent less than 5 hours in total. Pupils and teachers observed an improvement in both mathematics ability and attitude towards learning mathematics.

Validated by Andrew Gallacher from Glasgow University, the report discusses the correlation between the length of time pupils in Glasgow spent playing games on Sumdog and their improvement in mathematics proficiency.

St Mary's Effectiveness Research Paper

June 2014
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This research paper by S O'Donnell (Partnership between the PCP and St Mary's University, Twickenham) looks at the effectiveness of Sumdog's game-based learning to improve children’s mental mathematics. The paper first considers the context of the school and why this research was chosen, while addressing the ethical considerations, then moving onto the bigger picture, reviewing the literature regarding mental calculation and game based learning.