About Sumdog Reading and Writing

Sumdog Reading and Writing

Sumdog Reading helps students aged 6-11 practice their grammar and vocabulary using our fun and engaging 2D and 3D games.

Sumdog Reading has thousands of questions on grammar, punctuation and spelling, aligned to key curriculum and standards.

Typical questions involve students being presented with an incomplete sentence, and asked to fill in the blank from a choice of options.

Sumdog Writing lets students practice spelling, grammar and creative writing skills while playing fun, interactive activities together.

Sumdog Writing also helps students practice their typing skills.


Sumdog Reading covers a range of skills, from capital letters and reading short words, to antonyms and synonyms, to relative pronouns.

Teachers can modify the order of skills to match their lesson plan, and set assessments and challenges to check learning and identify gaps.


With Sumdog Reading and Writing teachers have access to powerful reporting that shows each child's progression through the skills, and can identify any gaps in learning.

Students who usually struggle with math become motivated.

I was also able to differentiate through the skills based challenges, and assign different ones to students who struggle with prior skills.

Ms. Lovel, Chee Dodge Elementary School, NM, USA (more...)

Safe Space

Sumdog aims to create a safe and happy space in which students can learn. With Sumdog Writing, students can type words and messages to each other, however we have taken precautions to ensure this remains a fun and positive environment.

Students can only write real words, which must appear in Sumdog's dictionary. Offensive language has been removed from our dictionary, and students cannot use individual letters to type negative messages.

Students are encouraged to tell their teacher if they are not happy with messages when playing Sumdog Writing.

Students can only practice writing during school when the teacher allows it. In order to play at home, the teacher must get consent from parents using a consent code.

Teachers can also monitor students' discussions from their dashboard.

Sumdog Reading includes

Engaging Games

Sumdog Reading uses the same engaging games as math - so it's familiar from the start.

Powerful Reporting

Advanced reporting helps teachers identify gaps and target intervention

Diagnostic Test

We'll figure out automatically where each student should start - we cover grades 1-5 for Common Core

Mastery Learning

Students work at their own level and master skills before moving on to the next.

Sumdog Writing includes

Specially Designed Games

Sumdog Writing uses four specially designed games to allow students to communicate with one another.

Safe Interaction

Students are unable to use negative or profane language, so interaction remains a positive experience

Discussion Monitoring

Teachers can monitor all discussions, to the assess their students' ability and to ensure students are happy.


Students develop their creative writing skills as they come up with challenging words and creative descriptions.

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