Beat the Summer Slide

Beat the Summer Slide

Summer is here - but we want your students to keep progressing.

Research* has shown that students can lose over two months' mathematical and literacy proficiency over the summer break, and the first few weeks of the new school year can involve a lot of recapping, with some children never quite catching up.

We want to turn that around.

Students can log on to their Sumdog account from any device, so they can keep up some practice over the summer. And for every week they do 30 minutes of practice, we’ll reward them with 100 coins!

We'll incentivize your students - all you need to do is tell them and their parents about it!

*Cooper, Nye, Charlton, & Greathouse, Review of Educational Research, 1996 (66, 227-268)

Weekly activity reports

We'll email you a quick weekly report showing you which students have been active and how much practice they have been doing.

Rewards for students

We'll reward them with 100 bonus coins for every week where they do 30 minutes of practice. An on screen tracker motivates them to reach the 30 minute goal.

Get parents involved

Parents can get free Sumdog accounts to track their children's progress. Download and print our parent letter to help get them involved.

Sumdog Summer Clubs

If you’ve got students attending summer school, you can create special groups in Sumdog so that you can easily track their progress and manage their work just as you would with your classes. See our help pages for more information on setting up groups.

Sumdog Spelling and ELA

It's not just math that can decline over the summer. If you want to keep your students' literacy on track too, check out Sumdog Spelling and Sumdog ELA. Standards-aligned practice using the same fun activities your students already know and love.

Want more?

Looking for some other fun tips and activities to help keep your students' skills sharp over the break?

Download our quick guide to using Sumdog to keep your students on track over the summer.