Sumdog challenges

If you've signed up for a free teacher login, Sumdog lets you set up to 5 challenges or competitions for your students.
A challenge is a specific goal for your students, together with a deadline for achieving it: for example, "get 100 questions right", or "win 10 Sumdog games".
To complete the challenge, students play Sumdog's games, and answer the math questions.
You can control the skills they work on - choosing from any of Sumdog's 100 skills. You can also control the games they can play, and the start and end time for the competition.
You can also create teams, and either assign students the teams you want, or let Sumdog choose ramdomly.
You can set up several challenges at once - even creating different ones for students in the same class.
To set up your challenge, visit Sumdog's teacher dashboard. If you've not already done so, you'll need to sign up for a free teacher login.

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