Free student login

Sumdog's student logins are completely free - with no time limit. Here's what you get:


Change your profile picture

You can change your profile picture whenever you want.

There are over a billion combinations, so if you've always wanted pink hair and a smaller mouth... now's your chance!

In Sumdog's multiplayer games, you'll be able to see what the people you're playing against look like - and they'll be able to see you, too.


Collect Sumdog coins

When you answer a question correctly, we'll give you a Sumdog Coin.

Coins can be used in Sumdog's shop to buy clothes for your avatar, as well as other stuff like sports equipment and musical instruments.

If your school has a subscription, or if your parents have bought you a Sumdog membership, you'll be able to do reward challenges and collect bonus coins.


Visit Sumdog's shop

Sumdog's shop is the place to go to spend the Sumdog Coins you've collected.

You can try on stuff before you buy, in lots of different colors. Add some kit from your favorite sport, or the musical instrument you play, to complete the look.

Remember, though - if you want to go shopping, you need to get playing first!


Track your progress

Your free Sumdog login lets you track your progress through Sumdog's mathematical questions.

Each time you play, Sumdog works out which skills you need to practice next. Once you're answering questions quickly and accurately, it will move you on to something new.

As you play, you'll see your Animal Rank change. Everyone starts out as a Brown Rat, but the harder you work, the rarer your animal will be. See if you can collect them all!


What next?