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Sumdog's math games are all free to play, whether you're at home or in school. (Why are they free?).

Most of Sumdog's games are multiplayer - which means you can choose to play against other Sumdog users around the world.

Although the games are all different, they all have one thing in common: you need to answer math questions to make progress.

Each game can be used to practise any of Sumdog's topics - so you never need to be bored while practicing your math!

Pop Tune

A creative game, where up to 4 players work together to make beautiful music.

Drag the correct answer onto the grid to place your notes - and hear the tune coming together as you play!

More about Pop Tune... | Play Pop Tune


Bunny Hop

It's a race through the house to reach a patch of juicy carrots, with up to four hungry rabbits taking part.

Answer correctly to make your bunny faster... but watch out for the hazards along the way! If you don't click the warning in time, your bunny will get caught...

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Tower Climber

The ultimate in urban numeracy: a skyscraper climbing race, against three other agile mathematicians.

Each window has a possible answer, and if you choose the right one your grip will hold - but choose wrongly, and you'll slip back a floor....

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Alien Invaders

Shoot your way out of a swarm of advancing alien robots. Each is marked with the answer to a math question.

Shoot the right answer to keep them at bay... but choose the wrong one, and they'll keep on coming...

More about Alien Invaders... | Play Alien Invaders


Street Racer

Answer maths questions to race against 3 other students, or against Sumdog.

Answer correctly to speed up, but get it wrong and you'll skid to a halt.

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Tennis Tie-break

Play tennis against Sumdog, or against another Sumdog student, by answering maths questions.

Answer correctly to hit your shots - but wrong answers will send the ball long, or into the net!

More about Tennis Tie-Break... | Play Tennis Tie-break



A mathematical sprint against 3 other students - or if you prefer, against Sumdog's highly trained team of robots.

Get three questions wrong, though, and you'll stumble out of the race!

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Talent Show

Strap on your guitar, step before the judges and dazzle them with your numeracy.

Be careful, though - if you answer wrongly, you'll miss a chord, and if you miss too many you'll be voted out!

More about Talent Show... | Play Talent Show


Penalty Shootout

It's sudden-death shoot-out against players worldwide, or against Sumdog's team of robots.

Compose yourself, start your run-up and click the right answer to place your shot... but get it wrong, and it'll be saved easily.

More about Penalty Shootout... | Play Penalty Shootout



Math doesn't get tougher than this. Four enormous linebackers blitzing you, each wearing a possible answer.

Pick the correct answer and you'll break their defense to score... but choose wrongly, and, well, it's gonna hurt.

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