Welcome to Sumdog

Sumdog's free educational games motivate your students to practice math, reading and writing - while you have full control over what they learn.

Victoria Sabelli, John Winthrop Elem, CT, USA
The program that worked was Sumdog... The results were amazing! 88% of the students got 70% or above. The class average was 86%!!

Why use Sumdog?

Engaged students

Students love playing Sumdog's multiplayer games against others worldwide - while their teachers keep control over the skills they work on.

Common Core

As students play, we ask them questions, selected from hundreds of $bodyCommon Core aligned skills.

Adaptive learning

Our powerful learning engine builds an understanding of each student, tailoring questions to their individual needs, and guiding their progress.

M. Reid, Marsh Pointe Elementary, FL, USA
I absolutely LOVE this website! I cannot say enough about how user friendly it is. We have so much fun... Thank you!

What does Sumdog cover?

Sumdog's questions are drawn from hundreds of Common Core aligned skills, covering grades 1-6.


Sumdog's math questions are free to use, without any time limit. They include word problems, and cover a broad range of topics.


A Sumdog Reading subscription adds thousands of questions covering grammar and vocabulary .


A Sumdog Writing subscription lets students write together with their classmates and friends - while Sumdog's learning engine guides their progress.

D. Simpson, St Helena Secondary College, VIC, Australia
Absolutely awesome! My all-boys class loved the range of games... I loved the ability to set activities to their level.

What's free?

Teachers can sign up for a free login.

This lets you create free logins for all of your students, and access some cool features:


Use Sumdog's classroom activities to motivate your class - and focus them on what they need to practice.

Live tracking

Sumdog's Live Class tool gives you constant updates, telling you who's doing well - and who needs your help.

Math contests

Take part in Sumdog's inter-school contests: a great way to engage students in math learning.

Sumdog subscriptions

Lots of Sumdog is free, without time limit, but if you wish you can subscribe to get even more.

More games

Subscribed students can play the latest games months before everyone else.


Thousands of questions covering grammar and vocabulary.


Unlimited classroom activities help you motivate your students.


Let students practice writing together with their classmates and friends.


Unlimited reports to monitor your students' progress and target your intervention.