Standardized Testing

Test practice made fun

Sumdog provides an ideal way for students to practice for standardized tests in a fun environment.

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Sumdog is standards aligned, so anything your students are working on will be relevant to your teaching. Practice is engaging rather than stressful.

Multiple choice

Questions are multiple choice, increasing in complexity and adding in multi-step questions, encouraging students to think critically.

Adaptive mastery

Sumdog adapts to each individual so they can work at their level, and takes a mastery learning approach so they don’t end up with gaps in their knowledge.

I never thought an online program could do so much in such short bursts of time.

It truly allows the growth mindset of my room to flourish.

D. Hendershot, West Elementary, KS, USA (more...)

Growth mindset

Sumdog builds confidence by encouraging students to improve their own accuracy, competing against themselves rather than their peers to make progress, helping to develop a growth mindset.

Reward progress

Sumdog focuses on and rewards incremental improvements, avoiding moving students on before they are ready. Sumdog rewards both accuracy and progress.

Parental engagement

Students can log in to Sumdog from home. We encourage parents to take an active role in their child’s learning with our free parent accounts.

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Timed test

With a subscription, set assessments in a test-like environment, where students answer questions outside of the game. Assessments help students practice against the clock, replicating a timed test.


Sumdog can be used for homework, giving students more chances to practice, particularly if you don’t have 1:1 at school. Activites and assessments can all be set for outside school hours.

Focused practice

With a subscription you can focus their practice with skill setting, challenges and competitions. Students earn rewards while on your chosen standards-aligned skills.