Student Help

How do I play Sumdog?

Log in using your username and password. On the student homepage, choose your game, your activity, which questions you're answering, and who you're playing. (Read more & watch video...)

This video shows you how it works:

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I've not got my username or password!

If a teacher or a parent set up your account, you'll have to ask them for your username and password. (Read more & watch video...)

We can only reset your password if we know your email address. Usually, this will only be if you're a teacher or a parent.

If we don't know your email address, you'll have to ask the teacher or parent who set up your account. They can log in and check your username and password. If you use a school code, your teacher can also check this for you.

Also, please type your password exactly. For example, if your password is "Sumdog", the website will not accept "sumdog".

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Sumdog won't let me reset my password.

You can only reset your password if your login is linked to an email address. If a teacher or parent set up your account, you'll need to ask them for your password.

How do I choose a game?

On the student homepage, drag the picture left or right (or click on its left or right sides) to change game. Once the game you want is showing, click the picture to start.

I think I won a game. Why wasn't I shown first?

This sometimes happens if your internet connection is running a bit slowly. It should fix itself. (Read more & watch video...)

To work out where you finished, Sumdog needs to send information to your computer from the people you're playing.

If your internet connection is a bit slow, even for a short while, this might not happen until after the game finishes - so your computer might not know exactly where you finished.

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How do I earn coins?

You earn one coin for every question you answer correctly, and five coins when you master a topic. (Read more & watch video...)

Sumdog's coins are a reward for working hard. You can spend your coins in Sumdog's shop, to buy clothes, musical instruments, sports equipment and so on for your avatar.

You'll get one coin for each correct answer, and a bonus of five coins for mastering a topic.

To master a topic, you need to show Sumdog that you're answering the questions quickly, and getting most of the answers right.

If you've already mastered a topic, and answered a lot of questions on it, we'll stop giving you coins for it. This is to encourage you to practice topics that will help you improve.

Spending your coins won't change the amount of points you have scored in competitions or challenges.

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My avatar doesn't look like me. How do I change it?

Click here to change your avatar, or what you're wearing. You'll need to log in first.

How do I show my school name or my country flag?

To see your school name and your country flag, your Sumdog login needs to be part of a Sumdog school. (Read more & watch video...)

You'll need to ask your teacher to set up your school.

If you've already got a Sumdog login, you can join your school's account - you'll still be part of your Sumdog family as well.

If you've not already got a Sumdog login, your teacher can set one up for you.

Once you're part of a Sumdog school, you'll see your school name and your country flag when you play.

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