Changes to Sumdog

To make way for the benefits of Progress Hub, a few things have had to change.

Sumdog must determine each student's level before they can participate in any activities

When students use Sumdog for the first time after we release Progress Hub, we'll spend about an hour finding their level. Student's will see 'Finding Level' in their activity box during this time.

As Progress Hub works to find the student's individual level, it learns about their unique abilities, making sure the questions it offers are personalized to what they need to practice next. By spending time to find the student's level, we can make sure that time spent playing Sumdog is as useful as possible- with children practicing questions which are appropriate, not too easy.

Before students can take part in assessments, challenges and competitions, we'll need to determine their their level. Once their level is found, they'll be free to participate in activities. To allow for this to happen, you'll not be able to set new challenges and competitions until late August.

'Classic' Curriculum has been replaced

To fully take advantage of the new Progress Hub features, it's important you select the right curriculum for your school. Because of this, we've removed our 'Classic' curriculum.

Default Skills are no longer needed

Previously on Sumdog, Default Skills were used to personalize the Sumdog curriculum to match your needs. Teachers could add and remove certain skills, to make sure their students were only practicing what was appropriate.

Progress Hub has dramatically improved how we select skills for students to practice. This means we can be much more confident that students will always be asked questions which are matched to their ability. Now, teachers can create a skill plan to control the order that students encounter new skills.

These changes will make Sumdog a lot simpler for teachers to use.

To focus students on one or two specific skills during class, teachers can:

  1. Set a challenge or competition which concentrates on one or two of your chosen skills. These activities are premium features which require a subscription.
  2. Ask the students to select the skills from their skill chooser. To do this, the student should click the skill bar at the top of their City page. This will take them to their Improvement chart. At the bottom of the improvement chart, the student should click 'Choose skills' and check the box beside the skill to be practiced. The student will only be able to practice skills within their grade or year level. To make it easier to search, students can use the 'Show filters' option to narrow their search. This feature is free to use.

Student reports have moved

For now, our student and class reports will stay the same, but will be integrated into Progress Hub a little later into 2015.

You'll no longer be able to access individual student reports by clicking a student name from the dashboard. Instead, clicking this will take you to the student's proficiency chart which illustrates the student's progress over time. To access individual student reports, instead click the Students panel, search for the student, then click their name.

Students can see their own progress

Before, only subscribed students could see their progress against individual skills. Now all students can see their progress visualized with traffic light colors. They can see this when selecting a skill.

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