What the teachers say

We've received some fantastic feedback from teachers, parents and districts using Sumdog around the world. Below are some of our favourites.

This is a great educational game.

Noemi Escalante, Teacher, Clawson Elementary School, AZ, USA

My students love using Sumdog Spelling and I love it too. This program targets several objectives at one time....


Sumdog appeals to all types of students and results in real learning.

Sherri Oliver, Teacher, Mount Vernon Community School, VA, USA

I wanted to let you know how truly impressed I am with the Sumdog product.

I have never seen any program that has inspired students so thoroughly as does Sumdog...


I cannot stress enough the motivation Sumdog provides.

Beth Stiles, 5th Grade Teacher, Mason-Dixon Elementary, WV, USA

The correlations of questions to our actual standards are excellent. Yesterday, a student pointed to the screen and said, "Look, Mrs. Stiles, these are the algebraic expressions we did in math this morning!” You can't do any better than that!


They love the games and are learning so much.

Cathy Frankland, Parent, UK

Sumdog was introduced at school in the autumn term, yet my children are still as enthusiastic about using it today as they were nearly 6 months ago. They love the games and are learning so much, without realising it.


Students who usually struggle with Math become motivated.

Allison Renner, Canaan Middle School, OH, USA

I signed my class up for the Madison county challenge and they absolutely loved it!


Sumdog provides a reliable and consistent way to gather data.

Manessa Green, Ronald E. McNair Elementary School, NC, USA

For many years, Sumdog has provided a reliable and consistent way to gather data on my students' skills in order to inform my instruction.


They engage with Sumdog so, so well.

Emma Bishop, Ysgol Bryn Elian, UK

My kids are loving Sumdog.


Each student had greater success. I was able to assess, reteach, reassess, and then move on to the next skill.

T. Riggle, Metro North Elementary, IN, USA

I love the assessment option in Sumdog!


I started using Sumdog mid-year and have seen tremendous growth.

D. Hendershot, West Elementary, KS, USA

I never thought an online program could do so much in such short bursts of time. It truly allows the growth mindset of my room to flourish.


A reasonably priced product with guaranteed results.

D. Smith, Hackett School District, AR, USA

Sumdog is a great program, it allows students to work on their level of ability while I monitor them as they work.


My class showed more than a 20% growth.

Ms. Lovel, Chee Dodge Elementary School, NM, USA

Students have enjoyed practicing reading (language) on Sumdog and it corresponds wonderfully with our Discovery data.


He had answered nearly 4,000 questions and his accuracy rate had skyrocketed to 78%!

S. Dayton, Mariposa Elementary School, FL, USA

We have a student who was really struggling with math and his achievement was well below grade level. I set him up with a Sumdog account and encouraged his parents to allow him to use it at home.


Our teachers and administrators saw the benefit of the program and decided to get school wide subscriptions.

M. Hulgrave, Campbell Union School District, CA, USA

Campbell Union School District’s overall experience with Sumdog has been very positive.


Children who went on Sumdog on a regular basis have made more progress than those who didn't.

J. Smith, King David Primary School, Liverpool, UK

I'd recommend Sumdog as a fun way to present mathematics to children without them even realising that they are practicing their skills!


The results were amazing! 88% of the students got 70% or above. The class average was 86%!!

V. Sabelli, John Winthrop Elem, CT, USA

The program that worked was Sumdog.


By far the best results we have ever had.

J. Moorhouse, St Saviour CE School, Manchester, UK

We have just got our Maths Sat back and have remarkable results.