For national and local contests starting from February 2019 onwards, these are the prizes:

  • First place: 6 month Sumdog Mathematics class subscription and printable Certificate of Achievement
  • Daily winner: Printable Certificate of Achievement
  • Top 10 student: Printable Certificate of Achievement
  • Participation reward: an item for your Sumdog house

How the prizes work

Class Prizes

  • The overall winner is the class with the highest average number of correct answers per student.
  • The daily winner is the class with the highest average number of correct answers per student on that day. For each contest, a class can only be a daily winner once.
  • To qualify for a class prize, at least 5 students from your class must play a Sumdog game during the period for which the prize is awarded.

Student Prizes

  • The printable certificates of achievement go to the top ten students in a contest.
  • Students are ranked by the number of correct answers. If students have the same number of correct answers, then they are ranked by their average answering speed.
  • To qualify for a participation reward, a student must answer 100 questions in the contest.

Redeeming your class prize:

  • All prizes must be claimed and applied within one month of the contest closing data (excluding school holidays);
  • If the prize is not claimed within the month it will be forfeit;
  • The prize is for a mathematics subscription, however if the class already has a mathematics subscription you may choose Spelling and Grammar, or apply it to a different class in the school;
  • Subscriptions will be applied immediately upon redemption;
  • To redeem your prize, please click here.

All prizes are awarded at the discretion of Sumdog and must be claimed as above. No purchase is necessary.
Sumdog games continue to be free after the contests finish.

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