Sumdog delivers - school and district-wide

Sumdog is designed to supplement teaching, and is aligned to the standards.

Our web-based solution is easy to implement and roll out school and district-wide. Students can access it on any device, and continue their practice at home.

Sumdog has been developed with the help of teachers and educational experts around the world. By engaging students using adaptive learning, it delivers proven proficiency growth.

Measure impact with real data

Sumdog constantly measures and reports on student proficiency. Teachers can see growth at a glance, and instantly identify where students are struggling.

Both teachers and students can track their progress with charts, while administrators can measure impact with class and school-wide data.

Closing the gap

Helping every child reach their full potential

Real-time reporting lets your teachers target specific interventions and monitor improvement over time.

Adaptive learning

Personalized mastery delivers results

Sumdog's learning engine adapts to each child - so even the most disenchanted pupils start to enjoy learning again.

18 months' progress in 6, proven

A recent district-wide mathematics study found that students who spent 1 hour per week on Sumdog progressed 3 times faster than those who used it least.

Validated by educational specialist Andrew Gallacher, it also reported improvements in both mathematics ability and attitude towards learning mathematics.

Clever integration

Set up rostering and authentication

If you're using Clever, talk to us about how to integrate Sumdog. We can have you up and running in a snap.

Khan Academy Instruction

Added help when they need it

We’ve partnered with the Khan Academy to include videos for students to support their instruction in skills they find difficult.

We'll tailor your solution

As well as Sumdog's classroom tools, our school- or district-wide solutions can be built to suit your requirements.

Talk to us about how you'd like to implement Sumdog - including data analysis, authentication and training.

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