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We offer Clever automatic rostering so all your classes are automatically set up on Sumdog, and always kept up to date, saving hours of admin time.

Sumdog also integrates with Clever Single Sign On for ease of access. If your district is already using Clever, students will be able to access Sumdog via their Clever sign-on.

Students will only need to log in to Sumdog the first time, and after that they will automatically log in. Students don’t need to remember additional log-in details and their data is kept secure.

Time Saving

Sumdog has a preset skills flow that has been created with the aid of teachers to move students through the standards in a naturally progressive manner, freeing up time for teachers. Teachers can however rearrange this to match their own lesson plans if they wish.

Teachers can run activities with real‐time results, and custom assessments with immediate scoring. Scoring of assessments is automatic, so teachers don’t have to spend time marking.

Easy Set-up

Our intuitive platform means you and your class can get started straight away, and can focus on teaching and learning.

Training & Support

Sumdog provides training and support to ensure your teachers and students get the most out of the platform.

Anytime, Anywhere

Sumdog works across all devices, meaning students can continue to learn and practise outside of school hours.

Involving Parents

Sumdog encourages the involvement of parents in their child's learning by offering free parent accounts so they can log in and track progress, and continue practice at home. To help teachers get buy-in from parents we've created helpful resources such as printable custom letters for parents.

Transferable Accounts

All accounts can be easily transferred, so both teachers and students can take their accounts and data with them if they change class or schools. Students can continue on their learning paths without interruption.

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