Sumdog on iPad

Sumdog's new iPad app lets you play some of our most popular Sumdog games. Three of them require a subscription, but the rest are free.

New version

We'll be releasing a new version of the app in a few weeks, which makes it more stable when you're using lots of other apps.

Meantime, if your Sumdog app crashes, try closing the apps you have open, or restarting your iPad by powering down fully and then turning it on again.

More games coming soon

The app now includes 11 of our most popular games and we're adding more games all the time.

You can download the new Sumdog app at home or at school.

Please note that our iPad app needs iPad 2, iPad with Retina display (3rd and 4th generation) or iPad Mini; it also needs a WiFi internet connection, and a Sumdog account.