Intelligent learning... made fun

Sumdog is used in thousands of schools worldwide. They motivate children to work on maths, reading and writing.

As children play, they answer questions. Sumdog personalizes the questions for each one, and tracks their progress through the school standards.

And the best bit? Lots of Sumdog is completely free, with no time limit. You only pay if you want a Family Membership.

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Motivate your child

Sumdog is unusual, in that your child can practise any skill with any game.

It's great for motivation: when you move on to a new skill, you can still use your favourite game to work on it.

Most of Sumdog's maths games, and a couple of writing games, are always free to play.

Family membership unlocks more mathematics and writing games, and all of our reading games.

School approved

Tens of thousands of schools worldwide trust Sumdog. Teachers rely on its ability to educate - but also entertain.

Sumdog's skills are aligned to the Common Core and key state standards, and broken into manageable steps.

While students choose what they play, Sumdog's adaptive learning engine guides their learning, ensuring they always work on the right skill.

Progress reports

As children play Sumdog's games, the adaptive learning engine gets to know their individual strengths and weaknesses.

If your child has a Family Membership, you'll get our detailed proficiency charts, showing their growth against the standards.