Engaging adaptive learning

Sumdog: engaging adaptive K-8 learning

Sumdog provides engaging adaptive learning for K-8 math, K-6 spelling, and K-5 grammar.

Our powerful learning engine adapts questions for each individual. It's aligned to the Common Core and key state standards. Meanwhile, our engaging activities are designed to motivate all students to learn.

Our aim is to close the achievement gap - by helping every student reach their full potential.

Sumdog's premium teacher tools

Subscriptions add premium teacher tools, enabling intervention, personalization and targeted learning.

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Adaptive learning

Sumdog adapts to each student individually

Our adaptive learning engine delivers standards-aligned questions targeted to each student's level.

You're free to focus your teaching where it matters most.

Closing the gap

Help every student achieve their potential

Our mission is to close the achievement gap.

To do this, we've designed Sumdog to engage every student fully, and target their needs individually.

Tested in class

Based on evidence and research

We work with teachers worldwide to develop Sumdog's pedagogy.

Our research demonstrates Sumdog's benefits for both students and teachers.

Adaptive mastery learning

Sumdog's unique learning engine lies at the heart of everything we do.

As students work, it adapts questions personally to each individual, progressing them through the standards.

Questions are drawn from relevant skills, mixing the current learning focus with revision.

With a subscription, teachers can access detailed reports showing progress, effort and hard skills.

I started using Sumdog mid-year and have seen tremendous growth.

Our average in the year is .4 points a week in math. When I added Sumdog our growth doubled to 1 a week.

D. Hendershot, West Elementary, KS, USA (more...)

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Use Sumdog's K-5 math free with your class

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Hundreds of correlated skills and steps

We've aligned Sumdog's skills with the Common Core and key state standards.

It'll fit right in to your teaching.

Progress reports

Get the full power of Sumdog's teacher tools

Subscriptions bring reports, teacher tools and enhanced engagement.

We'll help tailor your solution.

Diagnostic testing - made fun

When students first use Sumdog, we assess the standard level at which each child should be working, so we can personalize our questions.

Sumdog's diagnostic testing uses engaging game-based activities. It'll only take an hour or so to complete, and teachers immediately see the results.

Reporting on Progress

As students play, we track detailed metrics. With a free teacher account, you'll see live effort and accuracy stats on your dashboard.

With a Sumdog subscription, you'll see detailed proficiency charts, showing growth against the standards. Our reports let you drill down to individual skills, while individual student cards highlight strong and weak areas.