teacher engaging for all

Engagement: the key to growth

Engaged students are motivated to learn.

With Sumdog, your students will love learning. This gives them confidence, and encourages them to practise.

Students learn naturally on Sumdog, without judgement from their peers. But you're in control, with standards mapping and instant reporting.

Teachers control the learning

Sumdog uses game-based learning, backed by research, to motivate your students.

We've designed it so that any game can be used to practice any skill. You won't find many educational programs that can do this.

This means your students can learn together, even if they're working at different levels. And they choose what engages them most - but you retain control over what they learn.

Students who usually struggle with math become motivated.

I was also able to differentiate through the skills based challenges, and assign different ones to students who struggle with prior skills.

Allison Renner, Canaan Middle School, OH, USA (more...)

Sumdog rewards genuine progress

Sumdog uses positive reinforcement to reward achievement. Students are keen to learn in order to receive rewards.

Coins for answers

Correct answers earn virtual coins

Students love designing their on-screen house.

Each correct answer earns a virtual coin, which can be spent on items from Sumdog's in-screen store.

Improvement chart

Show students how they're growing

Each student has an improvement chart, showing completed skills.

They won't see grade levels - we just show what they've mastered.

Pets reward progress

Learn a skill and your pet learns a trick

Sumdog's virtual pets reward real progress.

Each student has a pet, and with each completed skill it learns a new trick.

They engage with Sumdog so, so well.

I have a bottom set Year 10 (14 and 15 year olds), a class full of pupils with behaviour, social and learning difficulties who cause so many problems around the school, lack academic motivation and are disinterested in school life, but they engage with Sumdog so, so well.

Emma Bishop, Ysgol Bryn Elian, UK (more...)

Anytime, anyplace learning

Sumdog works on computers and on tablets - so students can keep learning at home. And because they enjoy it so much, it won't feel like homework.

We've got resources to help you involve parents, such as welcome letters and individual reports. With a subscription, you can check student progress no matter where they learn.

Parents can take an active role, too, by linking their own free Sumdog accounts.