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Sumdog is so much more than a collection of learning activities. The true power of a Sumdog subscription is the ability to leverage student engagement to remediate and advance students through your state's curriculum.

With a subscription, teachers can customize their classroom to the needs of each individual student by setting skills, assigning homework, and monitoring proficiency growth in school and at home.

Sumdog can be used as a diagnostic tool with our customizable assessments and our introductory placement test. Teachers can quickly identify students needing additional support, and apply intervention without interrupting the learning of the rest of the class.

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Why subscribe?

Student reports

See progress against the standards, hard skills & accuracy

Premium games

Access all games for your chosen skills


Focus and motivate your class


Customize the skills and questions

Target skills

Choose what students work on, and check their progress

Sumdog Spelling is here!

Sumdog Spelling is now available. Find out more...

What our subscriptions cover


Use Sumdog's engaging games to practise spelling, with curriculum-linked words.

Sumdog adapts to each individual, and progress reports let you check your students' understanding.


Extend Sumdog questions to cover KS3, and include progress reports, teacher tools and assessments.

Your pupils will also get access to all of Sumdog's premium maths games.

Reading & Writing

Add 19,000 questions covering grammar and punctuation, and Sumdog's innovative writing games.

You'll also get progress reports, assessments and teacher tools.

Our products

Below, you'll find the   prices for one class for 12 months. Special pricing is available for grade, school and district orders.

Elementary math

  • Grades K-5


per class, per year

Elementary math

with advancement

  • Grades K-8


per class, per year

Middle school math

  • Grades 6-8


per class, per year

Middle school math

with intervention

  • Grades K-8


per class, per year


  • Standards-based spelling in Sumdog's engaging 3D games. Grades K-6


per class, per year

Reading & writing

  • Grammar and vocabulary questions, and interactive writing games


per class, per year

Administrator data

  • Reports and charts to let you compare classes and grades

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School districts

We'll tailor your toolbox

We've got great experience implementing Sumdog district-wide.

Just get in touch, so we can customize your solution.

Extra students?

No problem.

Don't worry if a few extra students arrive - whether you're buying for a class, grade or whole school.

We'll cover them automatically*.

*Class subscriptions cover any standard-sized classes - subject to our acceptable use policy. If your classes are unusually large, please contact us.

How to order

To order, let us know your requirements and we'll be happy to provide you with a quote. Should you need it, here is our W9 form.

You can place a school purchase order with our New York office, and we'll invoice your school for payment in 30 days. Alternatively, you can send us a check, or pay with a personal or school credit card over the phone.

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Unless otherwise stated, new subscriptions run for 12 months from the date your order is processed.