teacher standards linked

Standards-aligned learning

On Sumdog, we split each grade into skills, and each skill into steps.

These skill plans are correlated with the Common Core, as well as Texas, Florida, Virginia and Indiana state standards.

We've built our skill plans with the help of over 100 teachers, and continually test and research their effectiveness.

The correlation to our actual standards is excellent.

Yesterday, a student pointed to the screen and said, "Look, Mrs. Stiles, these are the algebraic expressions we did in math this morning!” You can't do any better than that!

Beth Stiles, 5th Grade Teacher, Mason-Dixon Elementary, WV, USA (more...)

Skills and progression

When we define our curriculum steps, we make sure they build the learning in just the right way.

Teachers can see how each skill and step is aligned to the standards, and can modify the order in which they are presented to the students to fit their own learning plan.

With a subscription, you'll also be able to choose specific skills from the standards for each student to focus on and master.

Personalized mastery learning

We lead students through each skill, step by step, until our learning engine can tell that the whole skill has been mastered.

As students work, they are rewarded for their achievement. We continue to revise mastered skills, too, ensuring that fluency isn't lost.

You can track each student's progress against standards with our proficiency chart and individual proficiency reports.

Standardized testing

Sumdog can be used for standardized test practice, with multiple choice questions, homework options and test simulations. Students can practice standards-aligned skills in a fun, stress-free environment, while teachers track results and target interventions.