Sumdog for teachers

Sumdog: educating by engaging.

Adaptive learning

Sumdog understands each individual's needs, and adapts accordingly.

Sumdog's unique learning engine gets to know each student, leading them through the standardscurriculum, and reports their progress to their teachers.

Sumdog's skills are aligned to the Common Core and key state standardsOntario Curriculum and WNCPStandardsNational Curriculum, CfE, Welsh LNF and Northern Irish curriculumAustralian National CurriculumNew Zealand Curriculum, and broken into manageable steps.

Engaging students

Students enjoy using Sumdog - bringing more growth.

Sumdog uses educational games to motivate your students in Common Core mathmathmaths, reading and writing.

When students master skills, Sumdog rewards them: their virtual pets learn tricks. Each correct answer earns a virtual coin, which can be spent in Sumdog's on-screen store.

Most of Sumdog's maths games, and a couple of writing games, are always free to play. Subscriptions unlock more maths & writing games, and all of our reading games.

Reporting on progress

As students play, we track detailed metrics.

Log in to your free teacher account while your students play, and you'll see their scores live on your dashboard.

If your students are subscribed, you can run detailed proficiency charts showing their growth against the standardscurriculum. Class reports drill down to individual skills, while individual student reports highlight their strong and weak areas.

Research based

We've developed Sumdog's pedagogy with the help of teachers and educational experts around the world.

We also run regular focus groups and school visits, and use independent experts to review our curriculum alignments.

Studies running in Savannah-Chatham and New Hanover school districts and in Glasgow City have found positive correlations between time spent on Sumdog and proficiency improvement.