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Eight key strategies for successful remote learning

Deliver high-quality and effective remote teaching with these easy-to-implement strategies. With schools across the country now closed to the majority of pupils, remote learning is taking centre stage once again. Whilst this may all feel like a bad dream, a huge amount was learnt in that first lockdown which can now be implemented to improve […]

A Simple Guide to Blended Learning for Teachers

2020 has presented remarkable challenges for educational continuity. Crowded classrooms have given way to eerily quiet schools, as previous educational constraints were quickly overshadowed by an unprecedented global health crisis. As we navigate through this unpredictable and challenging time,  education access in this environment continues to require a careful balance of social distancing and innovative […]

Sumdog selected for Nesta R&D programme to support the UK’s most disadvantaged students

In partnership with the Department for Education, Nesta has launched a new EdTech R&D programme as part of the Government’s response to COVID-19. Sumdog is delighted to have been invited to work with Nesta as part of the programme to help improve the home learning experience for the most disadvantaged students in the UK. Our […]

Welcome back! Sumdog’s top tips for Back-to-School

Back-to-school is going to look a little different this year, both for teachers and students. With many children being away from the classroom for almost six months, and some children remaining at home in some US states, the return to learning needs some careful planning. All students’ experiences will have been slightly different, as will […]

COVID-19 Closures

As a social business, it’s our mission to support the ongoing education of children. On 16th March 2020, we announced that Sumdog would be free for the duration of school closures up until the summer holidays. We did this so that more children would benefit from Sumdog’s personalised practice for maths, spelling and grammar during […]

Advice for home learning

Amy is the Principal for the Indiana Digital Learning School. She tells us how she felt at the start of the school closures and gives teachers advice on helping themselves and their students. Hello all Sumdog teachers out there! I am Amy, a principal for an online public elementary school.  I wanted to write this […]

5 top tips for home learning

Before reading this blog, we need to understand that every teacher is different, every school is different, every context is different, and everyone has different expectations.  With this in mind, here are 5 tips to help you teach during lockdown. 1. Don’t teach anything new Schools should see this an opportunity to review previously taught […]

The new MTC – a Headteacher’s perspective

Primary Headteacher Nick Hart shares his thoughts on the new Multiplication Tables Check (MTC), a statutory requirement for all primary schools in England set to be introduced in June 2020. After a trial last summer, the Multiplication Tables Check will become compulsory for all English primary schools in June. What does this mean for schools, […]

Your Simple Guide to the Year 4 Maths Multiplication Tables Check

The new Multiplication Tables Check (MTC) is due to be introduced for Year 4 pupils in England in June 2020. This test is intended to help schools identify pupils who have yet to master their times tables. It’s fair to say the reception to this new statutory Year 4 times tables test has been mixed […]

Empowering Teachers with Differentiated Practice in the Classroom

Differentiated or personalised learning is not a fundamentally new concept. Debates about the benefits of personalised, differentiated, or individualised learning have played an important part in education for decades. Perhaps the most prominent example of this — the Montessori Method — has been established for more than a century. Yet growing access to educational technology […]