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Why EdTech Is Closing the Attainment Gap

Reading time: 4 minutes Education systems across the world have struggled for years to close the gap between children from opposite ends of the social spectrum. Children from poorer socio-economic backgrounds are still falling behind their peers. Sumdog’s mission is to close the attainment gap. Join us as we explore the findings of our recent […]

Using EdTech to Improve Results

Following on from last week’s education technology show (BETT) which showcased everything from classroom robots to virtual reality lessons, we wanted to look at whether EdTech can actually improve maths results? And can its impact be proven? Join us as we explore how using the right technology to teach maths can accelerate progress and boost […]

How Sumdog Closes the Gap By Improving Mathematical Fluency

Did you know that persistently disadvantaged pupils in the UK are now almost two years behind their peers by the time they leave school?  And that in the USA the achievement gap is only 30-40% smaller than it was in the 1970s? Falling behind in early education significantly impacts pupils’ later achievements in life, such […]

Celebrating Sumdog’s Maths Week Scotland Contest Winners 2019

Tuesday 7th January marked a very exciting day as we welcomed the Maths Week Scotland 2019 Sumdog contest winners and Deputy First Minister John Swinney to our Sumdog HQ for an afternoon of fun, learning and celebrations. P6 at Troon Primary School topped the leaderboard of 6,400 Scottish classes after answering an impressive average of […]

Using EdTech to Enhance Learning and Reduce Teacher Workload

How does your school utilise EdTech in the classroom? Is it used to improve pupils’ self-esteem and tailor their learning? Or do you steer clear of technology altogether? Whether you’re worried about trying something new or are doubtful about the effectiveness of EdTech, our recent study into maths fluency puts these concerns to rest. Join […]

The Importance of Spelling Games Spelled Out

How many words do you know? As a teacher, it’s probably more than your average bear adult. A testing website established as part of a research project on vocabulary, which has analysed the lexical scope of over two million participants, has shown that adult native English-language speakers have an average vocabulary ranging from 20,000-35,000 words. By the […]

Six Fun Facts About Spelling to Share With Your Class

The English language is sometimes a little silly. As a teacher – you’ve probably noticed. When you’re not busy trying to explain to Hannah what a palindrome is, there’s a good chance you’re explaining to your students why they’re at risk of mixing up there and their. Whoever invented this language didn’t make it easy. […]

Coming soon – New Kid’s Dashboard

We’re improving your pupils’ Sumdog experience with a brand new dashboard! We’ve designed this to be easy to use for all pupils, and have tested it with kids of a range of ages to make sure it works for them, but we know that any changes will likely lead to questions in the short term, […]

Celebrating Sumdog’s Maths Week London Contest Winners

Sumdog CEO Andrew Hall recently visited London to congratulate the winners of our Maths Week London Contest, alongside Chief Executive of the Mayor’s Fund for London, Kirsty McHugh. They were joined by representatives from the top two winning classes for an afternoon of celebrations. The contest encouraged pupils to practise maths as they competed against […]

Meet the teacher: Jo Quince

Tennyson Road Primary in Luton is the lead school of a new Multi Academy Trust, the Tennyson Learning Community. We spoke with their Director of Academy Effectiveness, Jo Quince, about Tell us about Tennyson Road The pupils at Tennyson come from a range of backgrounds, a number with special needs and many with English as […]