Back to School Part 1 – get your Sumdog account ready for the new school year

The start of the new year brings many changes and things to do, including making sure your Sumdog account is ready for the year ahead. Follow these 5 steps to ensure your account is set up correctly for a smooth start to the year. 1.  Make sure your technology is up to date Chances are your […]

Introducing the Sumdog Warm Up Race!

We’ve made a bit of a change to they way students will use Sumdog, and we think teachers and students are going to love it! Get warmed up! Now, when a students logs into Sumdog, they will start their session with the Sumdog Warm Up –  a series of quick fire questions as they race […]

Introducing Sumdog Learners!

We get asked a lot how much time children should spend on Sumdog. We always recommend at least 30 minutes per week. And to reflect this, we’ve introduced Learners! Now, whenever a child spends 30 minutes practising on Sumdog over the course of a week, they will receive a bonus of 100 coins. To keep […]

Closing the gap in Glasgow

Since August of last year, we’ve been working with Glasgow City Council to provide all school pupils from P2 to S3 full access to Sumdog’s digital learning system. We’ve done some analysis on the impact Sumdog has made towards our core mission to close the gap, and we are delighted with the results! Our researchers […]

New school year, new school? How to move your Sumdog account.

Moving to a new school and want to keep using Sumdog? It’s important to make sure you follow the correct procedure, to keep your data and your students’ data safe. Do:  Leave your old school! To do this, log in to your Sumdog account, click settings at the top and then school settings. Click ‘Manage […]

Spelling assessment word search is here!

We've introduced word search to spelling assessments so you can create your own custom test.

5 fun ways to take the stress out of tests

Make standardized testing less stressful with fun activities that also help practice and performance.

Get ready for the Glasgow City Contest!

The Glasgow City maths contest begins on 16th March, and we are inviting classes from across Glasgow to take part, in order to win a coveted Sumdog Maths Champions trophy! Classes compete as a team, answering maths questions while having fun with Sumdog. They can play at school or at home. Because every pupil plays […]

Maths Week Scotland Contest – what a week!

Pupils across Scotland answered an amazing 16,827,720 questions during our Scotland-wide contest for Maths Week Scotland! Well done to everyone who took part! It was great to see 4900 teams across 860 schools getting involved and having fun with maths. Huge congratulations to the winning team at Woodmuir Primary! They came top with an average accuracy […]

Maths Week Scotland is coming up…

Remember to enter Maths Week Scotland’s Sumdog contest! Everyone is encouraged to take part in the Scottish Government’s Maths Week Scotland 2017. The aim is to create enthusiasm for learning maths among pupils, parents and teachers as well as highlighting the importance of maths as a skill for all careers. Maths Week Scotland’s Sumdog contest spreads […]