Your new Sumdog house

Soon, we’ll give each Sumdog student an on-screen house. To decorate your Sumdog house, you can buy stuff with your Sumdog coins. You get coins when you answer questions correctly. Get your gifts – starting on Monday February 2 From Monday, February 2, We’re counting down the last 50 days until your Sumdog house opens. […]

Our top five tips for Sumdog’s contests

Sumdog’s biggest contests ever – the 2014 Holiday Contests – are starting soon. We’ve put together some top tips to help you do your best. It’s a team effort 10 students need to play for each class to qualify. The class score is the average number of correct answers from each student who plays. To […]

This week’s legend: Bastet

Bastet was the ancient Egyptian goddess of women, and of house cats. Ancient Egyptian worshipped many gods and goddesses. They often looked like people, but with the heads of animals. Bastet was the daughter of Ra, the Egyptian Sun God. She fought with him against the serpent god Apep. Bastet’s name means “She of the […]

This week’s legend: Daedalus

When you answer 100 questions in a Sumdog contest, you’ll win an exclusive Myths and Legends avatar outfit.  Each week, we’ll take an in-depth look at one of these awesome characters. This week, it’s Daedalus. Daedalus was a skilled craftsman from Greek legends. He was credited with many inventions, including the axe and the folding chair. […]

Meet the legends

This week, we’re introducing the 20 new on-screen avatar outfits that you can collect by taking part in our inter-school contests. There’s something there for everyone. For the girls, we’ve got 10 outfits, with mythical goddesses like Bastet and Skadi, great leaders like Boudica and Cleopatra, and legendary figures like Maid Marian and Queen Guinevere. […]

Sumdog’s new class vs class contests are here!

We’ve launched a new round of inter-school maths contests on Sumdog. This year, you take part as a class, and compete against other classes – either locally or nationwide. And each student who answers 100 questions in the contest will receive an exclusive Myths and Legends outfit for their avatar. Teachers need to enter their […]


Welcome to our new blog – all about Sumdog’s mathematics contests. Students simply play Sumdog’s free maths games to take part – and they can keep using their free logins after the contest finishes. As they play, Sumdog adapts its questions to each student’s ability. Teachers can restrict questions to specific levels. To help small […]