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Our webinars run on Mondays starting at 4.30pm.

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Technical guide on accessing Sumdog

  • 3rd December
  • We will answer your technical questions and show you how to update Sumdog on your devices.

How does Sumdog individualise the learning

  • 7th December
  • We will explain how Sumdog can set up learning for each of your pupils and how you can personalise the learning.

Creating healthy competition on Sumdog

  • 14th December starts at 3.30pm
  • We will show you the different ways you can use Sumdog to create some healthy competition amongst your pupils.

Useful Recordings: Getting started on Sumdog

If you are new to Sumdog, these recordings will help you set up your account, create logins for your class and understand how our new maths diagnostic tool accurately pinpoints areas for development.

An introduction to Sumdog

A quick taster of how Sumdog works and how it can reduce workload.

Are you a teacher who is new to Sumdog?

Find out how to set up your account and your class.

Do you already have a Sumdog account?

Find out how to update your class or create a new one.

Discover our new maths diagnostic tool

Understand the science behind the new diagnostic tool and see how it can be used to quickly and accurately pinpoint areas for development.

Useful Recordings: How to use Sumdog

These recordings will show you how Sumdog can be used in school and at home.

Getting started with your subscription

We will give our top tips on how to get the most out of your subscription.

How to use Sumdog for home learning

We will show you how it can be used to set learning for students who are working from home.

Top tips for home learning

We’ll share some advice and explore how you can use Sumdog for home learning.

What do pupils do on Sumdog

Go behind the scenes! See what your pupils see and learn how they navigate their way around Sumdog.

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