How to take part in a contest as a student

These instructions explain how pupils can take part once their teacher has entered them into the contest.

Pupils will be able to view the contest as their current activity on their dashboard, provided that no other work assessments, challenges, or competitions have been set for them by a teacher, and that their Maths diagnostic has been completed. If they have selected another activity during the contest period, they can reselect the contest as their activity as follows:

Have the pupil log onto their account, then choose the option to ‘Tasks’

Pupils can answer questions at any time during the period of the contest. That means at school, or at home.

Note: Only those questions answered while a Sumdog Maths Contest is selected as the chosen activity will count towards the contest score. If a pupil has been answering questions that are not part of the contest, they will not be added to the contest score. It’s still a great thing to see though!

Once a contest has started you will be able to view the contest leaderboard. You can find out more details here about how to view the contest score for your own class.

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