How pupils take the maths diagnostic

The maths diagnostic will start automatically for all new pupils when they first start using Sumdog.

If you have pupils who you would like to have retake their maths diagnostic here is how you can reset their score. Once their scores have been reset they will be able to take the maths diagnostic.

If you have set any work for your pupils, like a challenge or assessment, they will need to select their maths diagnostic from their Tasks list.

These instructions explain how pupils can take their maths diagnostic.

Have your pupils log into their pupil account.

If they do not see the maths diagnostic click on ‘Tasks’ 

The maths diagnostic has two parts and will consist of 55 questions in total. Pupils will need to complete both parts of the maths diagnostic before they are given a score and focus skill.

If a pupil is not able to complete the diagnostic in one sitting, don’t worry they can continue where they left off then they next log into Sumdog.

Pupils will need to complete the maths diagnostic before they can start playing the games on Sumdog.

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