Holiday fun on Sumdog

With lots of festive fun going on in your classroom/school in December, we wanted to share some ideas of how Sumdog can be involved too. Squeezing in some extra practice with multiplication, or addition and subtraction facts is always beneficial. On Sumdog you can set as many tasks as you wish and then reward your pupils daily with coins so they can have some festive fun decorating their house.

Practise multiplication facts

Use the ‘Multiplication tables’ tool to set daily or weekly tasks. The children can practise in school or at home every day for 10mins.

  • Set up a different times table for your class to practise, this could be one table a day or one table lasting two days or more.
  • Give them a correct answer target to aim for. When they hit the target, Sumdog gives them bonus coins.
  • You can monitor their progress during these tasks by viewing the results in real time. When they start the task, you can reward them with 50 coins and when they complete it, send them 100 coins

Practise addition and subtraction facts

Use the ‘All maths topics’ tool and set up tasks to practise number bonds to 5, 10, 20 or 100. 

  • Choose a skill for them to practise over the course of a week or two. 
  • Give them a correct answer target to aim for and Sumdog will give them bonus coins if they hit the target.
  • Reward them with 100 coins every day they practise their number bonds.
  • When they complete the task, send them 200 coins to celebrate their success. 
  • You can set up a few tasks to give your class plenty of opportunity to practise number bonds.

Fun festive task

For a bit of fun, why not open up the house for the pupils during the day and ask them to create a special place in their house for the holidays. Sumdog has lots of festive items that they can use to decorate their house.

  • Make sure the house is open and give your pupils time to explore the store and find some of our festive items.
  • Once they have decorated a space in their house, ask them to take a screenshot of it to share with the class.
  • Turn the task into a competition and have the class judge the best festive house.
  • Reward the top three with coins:
    • 1st place – 200 coins, 2nd place – 100 coins & 3rd place – 50 coins.