Complete curriculum coverage

Sumdog’s in-game questions provide complete coverage of the National Curriculum, for key stages 1 – 3 and is aligned to the CfE, LNF and NI Curriculum.

  • High-quality, multiple-choice questions
  • Adaptive questions tailored to each individual
  • Personalised learning journey supports mastery approach

View Sumdog's coverage of the National Curriculum

Take a look at the breakdown of skills and steps covered in each year group.



Sumdog Maths includes more than 450,000 high-quality, multiple-choice questions, broken down into skills and divided down further into around 2,000 steps.

As children play Sumdog, the questions adapt to their own level, providing a personalised learning experience for each individual. Pupils move through their own learning journey cycle, with topics marked as ‘mastered’ once they’ve achieved a rolling accuracy of 80%.

Pupils can play and learn alongside each other, whilst working towards their own personalised goals, boosting their confidence and reducing any anxiety they might be feeling towards maths.


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