How gamification can benefit education

At Sumdog, we believe gamification is the future! Want to hear all about the benefits of gamification in education? Keep reading to find out!

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Elementary school kids attending an after-school club.

Setting up after-school math clubs for your students

Thinking of setting up your own after-school maths club? The team at Sumdog are here to help you get started! Here are our top tips and tric...

Screenshot of Sumdog diagnostic report US

Get to know your students with our math diagnostic assessment tool

Get to know your students this new school year with our diagnostic maths assessment too.

Welcome back to school with Sumdog logo and images of pencils and maths equipment

Welcome back to school!

Kickstart the new school year with Sumdog. Learn how we can help you get your classes set up plus free downloadables to help you get to know...

Screenshot of Sumdog game Street Dash with wheelchair user - helping children feel more represented with our avatar

Helping children feel represented through our new avatar

Discover how our new 3D avatar, designed with inclusivity at its heart, gives children a great variety of personalization. We hope this help...

New Sumdog 3d avatar with skin tone choice

Introducing our new Sumdog avatar

We're delighted to announce that the new Sumdog avatar is now ready and will be released in the next few weeks! Here is everything you need ...


Make it the Summer of Sumdog!

Over the summer, teachers and students alike look forward to spending time with families, getting outside, and having fun! However, we also ...

Screemshot of flower defenders game

Celebrate Spring with Sumdog

If your students haven’t already noticed, for the month of May, we have swapped out Cannonball for one of our subscriber-only games &#...

Loui Gerbi stood in front of Sumdog screen

How we’re making your free Sumdog account even better

A standards browser and new educator videos every week - your free account is getting an upgrade!

March Mathness is here!

In honor of the NCAA March Madness tournament taking place soon, Sumdog swapped out one of our 6 free games, Goalz, and replaced it with our...