Welcome back to school!

Kickstart the new school year with Sumdog. Learn how we can help you get your classes set up plus free downloadables to help you get to know your class.

New game, new garden!

Based on popular demand, we’ve brought back a new version of an old favorite! Trim Time is the latest Sumdog game that everyone is buzzing about. Check out the game demo, which is only available to subscribers, here. In addition to our new game, all students now have the pleasure of being able to customize […]

Empowering Teachers with Differentiated Practice in the Classroom

Differentiated or personalized learning is not a fundamentally new concept. Debates about the benefits of personalized, differentiated, or individualized learning have played an important part in education for decades. Perhaps the most prominent example of this — the Montessori Method — has been established for more than a century. Yet growing access to educational technology […]

Personalized learning – a perspective from New Jersey

Rebecca Thal is a 5th and 6th Grade Math/Science/Health teacher in New Jersey. She tells us why and how to introduce personalized learning to your classroom. “Personalized learning” are two of the biggest buzzwords in teaching right now. But unlike other trends in education that seem to come and go, I believe this movement is […]

NEW: Learning time report

Lots of teachers have asked us if they can see how much time their class are spending learning on Sumdog, and how much time they spend doing practice at home, so we are delighted to launch our new learning time report! The report shows how much time your students have spent answering math questions on […]

6 ways to beat the summer slide

The summer slide may sound like fun, but research has shown that children can lose a lot of their mathematics and literacy proficiency in the long summer break, meaning the first few weeks of the new school year are often spent catching up on everything that’s been lost. But the effects of the summer slide […]

Sumdog + Clever = more time for teachers and students!

We are hugely excited to announce that we have partnered with Clever in the US to offer both instant login and automatic rostering, so we can help you save time in the classroom! Clever is already used by half of US schools and provides an invaluable service to educators by helping them organize, utilize and manage the […]