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Celebrate Spelling with Sumdog!

The dreaded weekly spelling test is an age-old problem for teachers, parents and students. Rote learning a set of words is hard and, let’s be honest, a bit dull. Yet, research tells us that spelling practice is important and closely related to the development of reading and writing skills, and therefore should be made a priority. […]

Inject fun back into math with our September Slam Week!

Introducing Busy Bakers and Flower Defenders, now available as part of any Sumdog subscription.

Using Diagnostic Assessments to Guide Instruction

Diagnostic assessments are only as good as what you do with the data after your students have taken it. At the start of the school year, a diagnostic is a great way to gauge your students’ levels. This, combined with other evidence including teacher observations, will enable you to meet your students where they are  […]

Welcome back!

Back to school season is here and we are all excited to see the teachers and children getting back to the classroom.  While you have been having a well deserved break, we have been busy making Sumdog even better! Have you tried these yet?! New Math Diagnostic tool – Understand the needs of your students […]

Keep children learning and having fun with a Sumdog Summer Challenge!

Over the summer, teachers and students alike look forward to spending time with families, getting outside, and having fun! However, we also know that having children practice math a little bit each week will help them stay sharp and better prepare them for the next school year. With this in mind, we’ve put together some […]

NEW: Try a different game every week

With a free Sumdog account, children already have access to 6 fun and exciting adaptive math games. To celebrate the last semester of the school year and get all children excited to practice math, the game developers here at Sumdog will be releasing a subscriber-only game every week for children to try out.  We’ll be […]

NEW game: ‘Pocket Racer’ has arrived

We’re excited to introduce the latest addition to the Sumdog games library, ‘Pocket Racer’. This now makes a grand total of 26 fun and engaging games available for subscribers to play! How does the game work? Pocket Racer is a single player game. Once the game starts, students have the opportunity to choose between two […]

Eight key strategies for successful remote learning

Deliver high-quality and effective remote teaching with these easy-to-implement strategies. With schools across the country now closed to the majority of pupils, remote learning is taking centre stage once again. Whilst this may all feel like a bad dream, a huge amount was learnt in that first lockdown which can now be implemented to improve […]

A Simple Guide to Hybrid Learning for Teachers

2020 has presented remarkable challenges for educational continuity. Crowded classrooms have given way to eerily quiet schools, as previous educational constraints were quickly overshadowed by an unprecedented global health crisis. As we navigate through this unpredictable and challenging time,  education access in this environment continues to require a careful balance of social distancing and innovative […]

Welcome back! Sumdog’s top tips for Back-to-School

Back-to-school is going to look a little different this year, both for teachers and students. With many children being away from the classroom for almost six months, and some children remaining at home in some US states, the return to learning needs some careful planning. All students’ experiences will have been slightly different, as will […]