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Celebrate Spelling with Sumdog!

The dreaded weekly spelling test is an age-old problem for teachers, parents and students. Rote learning a set of words is hard and, let’s be honest, a bit dull. Yet, research tells us that spelling practice is important and closely related to the development of reading and writing skills, and therefore should be made a priority.

Sumdog Spelling flips spelling practice on its head and provides games-based online practice that children love! Playing games and receiving rewards for their effort is key to keeping children engaged and wanting to come back to learn. We are pleased to offer our Sumdog spelling tool free to all users from October 22nd – October 29th so that you can try it with your students! We are hosting a live event to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about spelling, and we’re also doing some giveaways. Check out our Spelling Celebration page for more details.

As a teacher, you can use premade word lists or quickly create custom word lists for children to practice at home or in school. Our spelling tool is aligned to all key state standards, and includes two types of read aloud questions that use real voices. The automarked questions provide instant feedback to children, helping them to correct their mistakes and saving you time.

practice spelling

Create your own custom word lists for spelling practice

It’s easy to create your own spelling word lists. There are over 13,000 words to choose from, including 100% of the Fry and Dolch sight words lists. Don’t see a word you’re looking for? No problem – you can request it to be added! New words are being added all the time. You can share word lists between teachers and save time by reusing the lists each year.

Use custom word lists to:

  • create lists covering key spelling patterns or sounds such as ‘ough’ words or ‘-il’ prefixes
  • take words from books or stories you are reading in class and turn them into spelling lists
  • create spelling practice to go alongside whichever spelling scheme you might be using in school
  • reduce workload by sharing lists with colleagues that can be reused from year to year

Interested in learning more about how to integrate Sumdog’s Spelling and Grammar into your classes? Contact one of our team members at 877-978-6364 or book a walkthrough.