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Inject fun back into math with our September Slam Week!

Play any of our 29 games September 20-26, and give your class the chance to earn rewards.

We know after a long break, and a year or more of disrupted learning, it can be hard to engage and motivate your students. That’s why we’re offering some help! For one full week, you can access all of our games, including our two newest – Busy Bakers and Flower Defenders (read more about these games below). Your students will also have the chance to earn badges (new feature) and swag for the class!

No registration is necessary to take part in this event. For more information visit our September Slam Math Week page:

Busy Bakers: How does the game work?

  • Busy Bakers is a multi-player game 
  • Students are tasked with re-creating cakes from an image they’re shown to the right of the screen. Each time they answer a question, they can choose from the items on the left and place them on their cake. 
  • The cake is on a rotating cake stand – if a pupil gets a question wrong, the cake stand speeds up!

Played with friends, the game helps promote cooperation while allowing for personalized practice.

Flower Defenders: How does the game work?

  • Flower Defenders is a multi-player game 
  • The aim of the game is for students to collect toys in their baskets at the end of the garden in order to earn points.
  • However, they’ll need to keep the angry mowers away from their flower patches by placing toys in their way! 
  • Each question they get right, they get a new toy which they can choose to place either in their patch or in the way of a mower. 

New badges!

We’ve also added 5 badges for your students to collect to help motivate them to use all of the different parts of Sumdog:

  • Achieve 100% accuracy (in one game)
  • Answer 1000 questions correctly
  • Learn for 20 minutes
  • Win a multiplayer game
  • Place 10 items in their garden 

Our new badges provide little rewarding moments, especially for children new to using Sumdog. We’ll be adding more, and improving these too, based on your feedback! 

Let us know what you think

Let us know what you and your pupils think about our new games and badges on Twitter by tagging @SumdogUSA or using #sumdogslam 

Interested in a Sumdog subscription? 

App Update

In order to play our new games through our app, you’ll need to make sure you have the latest version. For more information on how to install and update the Sumdog app please visit our help pages