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Keep children learning and having fun with a Sumdog Summer Challenge!

Over the summer, teachers and students alike look forward to spending time with families, getting outside, and having fun! However, we also know that having children practice math a little bit each week will help them stay sharp and better prepare them for the next school year.

With this in mind, we’ve put together some simple, engaging, effective ways to keep students on track this summer while still having fun.

You can use Sumdog to help some students catch up, others to stay motivated and engaged in math, and still others to get ahead with additional practice. The tasks in the Summer Challenge are quick, easy to set up, and personalized to meet the needs of all your students. 

This is something you can set up for your students before the school year ends, or email to parents/students during the summer (after a few weeks of downtime). If you utilize social media, this summer challenge is also something you can adapt and post on those accounts to generate interest and excitement.

Using a free version of Sumdog?

If you are using the free version of Sumdog, here are some ideas to include in your Sumdog Summer Challenge:

  • Assign students different times tables to practice each week OR have them practice the addition, subtraction, and division tables on their own. Learn how here.
  • Challenge students to spend a certain amount of time on Sumdog each week, to improve their accuracy, or to increase the amount of coins they earn.
  • Do a combination of these by setting up a choice board and having students pick which activity/goal they wish to work on each week.

Here are some sample templates you can use (all in PDF form): Sumdog Summer Choice Board – Blank (34 KB), Sumdog Summer Choice Board – Suggested Tasks (54 KB)

You can also give students a blank calendar and have students fill in what they did each day/week so they can monitor their own progress. Here’s a handy template for them to use: Sumdog Summer Slam – Blank Calendar (38 KB)

Board with suggested tasks

Already have a subscription with Sumdog?

Any of the above suggestions that work with the free version will work for you too!

Here are some additional ideas for choice boards or weekly practice: 

  • Set differentiated work for different groups of students depending on what they need extra practice with. (Learn how here.)
  • For students who may be working ahead, set practice work for the next grade level up to keep them engaged and challenged. (Learn how here.)
  • Encourage all students to play a new game or two each week, in an effort to expose them to as many different games as possible.
  • Set up weekly or bi-weekly competitions for your students and invite other teachers/classes in your school to participate too! (Learn how here.)

You can have students complete a tracking chart for all the tasks they finish – here is a template to share with them: Sumdog Summer Slam – Activity Tracker (60 KB)

You can reward students virtually, either with extra Sumdog coins or another virtual reward, such as a Certificate of Achievement mailed/emailed to them. (Learn how here.) Another option is to give students a physical prize when they return to school next year so they can feel a sense of pride in their achievement. 

Activity tracker

Sumdog’s top tips

  1. To encourage as many students as possible to participate, be sure to keep the length of the tasks and target goals attainable.
  2. Talk up your rewards system! Let your students know what they’re working towards.
  3. Be sure to let families know about the Sumdog Summer Challenge as well, and send home copies of login information.

You don’t have to restrict yourself or your students to doing this just over the summer either! Adapt the boards, picking fewer tasks/goals, and use during fall, winter, and spring breaks, too.

Good luck and have fun!

Interested in a Sumdog subscription?

Give us a call at 877-978-6364 so we can help you get set up, or use the button below to book a time that works for you to discuss your options.