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March Mathness is here!

In honor of the NCAA March Madness tournament taking place soon, Sumdog swapped out one of our 6 free games, Goalz, and replaced it with our new Basketball game. This game swap will be for the month of March only, and will give everyone a chance to take part in Sumdog’s own March “Mathness” event.

March Mathness Fun

Here are some ideas for how to encourage your students to practice more on Sumdog during March Mathness. You can choose to do activities for one week at a time, or over the course of the whole month:

  • Basketball Cutouts – Whether you set a time spent practicing goal, a percent accuracy goal, or any other goal, students can record their progress on these cutouts (PNG 337KB), which you can use for a display.
  • Certificates of Participation – if students achieve the daily or weekly goals you set forth, reward them with a certificate (PNG 39KB).
  • Wall of Fame – whether it’s in your classroom or hallway, put up a poster (PDF 188KB) and display the certificates of participation, or the basketball cutouts for everyone to see! Invite other teachers in your school to do the same.
  • Bracket Play – use one of our brackets (PDF 344KB) to set up a student vs. student, class vs. class, or grade vs. grade competition! You can base it on number of minutes spent on Sumdog, percent accuracy, or whatever metric you decide.

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