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New game, new garden!

Trim Time

Based on popular demand, we’ve brought back a new version of an old favorite! Trim Time is the latest Sumdog game that everyone is buzzing about. Check out the game demo, which is only available to subscribers, here.

In addition to our new game, all students now have the pleasure of being able to customize their own 3D garden space (see demo here). There are over 60 new items that have been added that students can purchase with their coins. Giving students time to customize their house and garden during the school day is a great way to build relationships. You can tie in other lessons including:

  • Having students design their house or garden space to accompany a book they’re reading, e.g. “The Secret Garden”
  • Introducing students to the concept of saving and budgeting for things they want to buy for their home/garden
  • Discussing perimeter and area with students
  • Using the house and garden to teach words in other languages

To find out more about the house and garden, including how to access them and reward your students with coins for challenges and tests, visit our support pages.

We’d love to see pictures of your students enjoying the new garden, so be sure to share photos on Twitter by tagging us at @SumdogUSA.

Interested in a Sumdog subscription? Contact us a or call 877-978-6364