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NEW: Learning time report

Lots of teachers have asked us if they can see how much time their class are spending learning on Sumdog, and how much time they spend doing practice at home, so we are delighted to launch our new learning time report!

The report shows how much time your students have spent answering math questions on Sumdog, broken down by school and home.

Sumdog learning time report

You’ll now see a summary of your report on your teacher dashboard, and if you have a subscription, you can click on it to see this data for every child in your class.

Using your report

Set homework

If you don’t have enough time or devices for all your students to get on Sumdog in class, you can always set it as homework. Your report will now show you how much time they spent working on Sumdog at home.

Give more time to those that need it

If you are finding some of your kids aren’t able to do much practice at home, you can prioritize them for getting more class time on Sumdog, or perhaps arrange lunchtime or after school clubs for them.

Reward their effort

Set your class a target time to reach, and reward them with certificates or house points when they achieve it!

Teach with it!

If you’re teaching graphs or data, why not use the report as an example in your lesson! Get kids to calculate how much practice they need to do to match the leader, or compare the number of questions they have answered to calculate how many they have answered in a minute.

If you don’t have a subscription, click here to get pricing.