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3D house is here!

We are making the kids’ experience on Sumdog even better through the launch of our brand-new 3D house. 

Read our latest blog post to find out what you and your students can expect when we launch our brand-new 3D house this February. 

Why are we launching a 3D Sumdog house? 

We know how much children enjoy the current 2D house and so they will now be able to experience our new and improved 3D upgrade. Children will be able to spend their coins on hundreds of new 3D items and feel the satisfaction of having earned these items in their own personal space! The new house is accessible to the Sumdog garden, launched last year – so you can go through the door between the two spaces.

Having a house of their own appeals to children’s motivation to have something of their own to collect and curate. In the 3D space, they can now configure their items with many more permutations, making the resulting space even more satisfying and allowing free play in placing and replacing items wherever they like.

What should I expect when the new 3D house is launched?

The 3D house is accessible on the web version and the latest edition of the app. 

Children will be able to access it through the House button as well as the door in their garden. 

They will be reimbursed with coins for the items they previously owned in 2D and will be able to spend these coins on brand-new 3D items in the store.


When will the new house be released?

It’s already here. All of our Sumdog users, with or without subscriptions, will be notified via email as well on the platform. You can also follow us on Twitter for the latest updates.

What will happen when the new 3D house is released?

Children will log into Sumdog as normal, and if they have previously bought things in the 2D house they will be told of the changeover. They will be notified how many coins they get back from their old house items.
This explanation can also be found later by clicking the ‘What’s changed?’ button on the House tab.
They will still be able to move things around their old 2D house, but won’t be able to buy and sell items there anymore.
Gifts also won’t be available to send as they will be introduced into the 3D house later in the year. They can still send avatar gifts and customise their avatar how they like.

Will the new 3D house be released on the web-version and app at the same time?

Yes. If children using the app can’t see the house, they will need to install the latest version (v64).

Can I still open and close the house for my class?

Yes this is unchanged, and includes opening and closing of the new 3D house.

Some of my class can see the 3D house but some can’t, why is this?

If any children cannot access the new 3D house, they will be on an old version of the app. Update the app to version 64 and this will allow access to the new 3D house.

I have a question about the 3D house, who do I contact?

Please get in touch with us via email on or by calling 877 978 6364 and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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