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Welcome back to school!

Welcome back to school for another fun and busy year! We hope you have had a great summer break and are excited to get to know your students, settle back into your classroom and start teaching again. The pandemic has made the past few years harder, but hopefully 2022-2023 is the year when things finally begin to normalize.

Regardless of what this new school year has in store for teachers, Sumdog will be there every step of the way to support you and your students. To help you kickstart the year, we’ve gathered our top three tips to ensure you’ve got all the tools you need for you and your children to grow, learn and have fun!

1. Set up your Sumdog accounts

Screenshot of Sumdog on a laptop

Getting started on Sumdog is easy! You can easily sync your class(es) through Clever Library, or simply send us your class lists and we’ll do it all for you. This way, all you’ve got to do is focus on teaching and we’ll handle the rest!

Discover setup support, free downloadables and more in our Back to School Guide.

Don’t have an account yet? Sign up for free here.

2. Reset the diagnostic test for a clean slate this new school year

Screenshot of the Sumdog diagnostic report for US

The Sumdog diagnostic test is designed to help you understand what level your students are working at by asking a series of math questions that gauge your students’ understanding and knowledge of different key math concepts.

You then get a full report on each student highlighting their strengths and weaknesses. Following this, your children will see questions within the games that are adapted to their abilities. 

To make the best use of the diagnostic test, we recommend re-setting it right at the start of the school year.

This year, children can even earn twice the amount of coins when they complete their test, which they can then spend in their house, garden or on their 3D avatar!

3. Use our 3D avatar to help your class get to know each other

Screenshot of a filled out Sumdog Getting to know you template

While the diagnostic test helps you learn about your students’ skills and knowledge, you can actually use the 3D avatar as an icebreaker! Once they’ve completed their diagnostic and have coins to spend, encourage your children to customise their avatar.

Earlier this year, we made loads of additions to the 3D avatar so students can recreate themselves as truly as possible. When they’re done, take a screenshot of each student’s avatar and print it out.

Then, give each child a copy of our Ice Breaker Template (PDF 104 KB) and tell them to stick their avatar to it. Finally, you can pair up children and ask them to explain why they chose the items they did for their avatar, or ask students to come up in front of the class to talk about how they built their avatar.

You can also download our free Back to School Ice Breaker Pack for more activities to get to know your students!

Have a great school year!

Now that you’ve come back to school, the steps above will help you set yourself up for a successful year full of learning, growth and fun. We hope you have a fantastic time in the classroom and that your students enjoy the time they’ll spend practicing their skills on Sumdog!

Thousands of US schools are already enjoying unlimited access to over 30 games and our full suite of teacher tools. Why not join them?