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Welcome back!

Back to school season is here and we are all excited to see the teachers and children getting back to the classroom. 

While you have been having a well deserved break, we have been busy making Sumdog even better!

Have you tried these yet?!

  • New Math Diagnostic tool – Understand the needs of your students and meet them where they’re at in the learning process. Prioritize skills using the stranded report that pinpoints areas for development. Find out more.
  • Spelling – over 8,200 words to choose from! New words are continuously being added, too. If you are a subscriber, and have a word(s) you want added, feel free to put in a request.
  • New Games – we’ve recently added Llama Drama and Pocket Racer – which means we now have 27 games for subscribers to choose from!
  • Contests – plenty of Regional and National contests to choose from on an ongoing basis.

Getting started with your Sumdog journey

So you can get started right away this year we’ve put together a few handy resources for you below:

Needing help setting up or updating your Sumdog accounts? View our guides and videos or send us your class lists.

Looking for some fun activities to get to know your students? Try some of our icebreaker activities.

Celebrate and encourage your students to practice their learning on Sumdog? Check out our classroom/school display resources and our downloadable certificates.

Want to make the most of your subscription or free Sumdog? Watch one of our recorded webinars.

Interested in a Sumdog subscription?

Give us a call on 877-978-6364 or book a time that suits you below to discuss your options.