Sumdog is now free!

Sumdog’s Digital Equity Solution opens up all subscription features for free to narrow the achievement gap in Michigan until July 31st.

  • Every child has access to all the games during school hours.
  • Math, spelling, and grammar content are available at all hours.
  • Teachers can set assignments, view reports, and send rewards at any time.
  • Student’s account must be linked to an already existing school account to have full access.


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Sumdog's Digital Equity Solution

The new Digital Equity Solution provides the Sumdog experience entirely free of charge for teachers in Michigan with all 31 premium games available during school hours. It’s also completely free during all hours for qualifying low-income families in Michigan.

We know the achievement gap has grown significantly during the pandemic, and this is one way we believe we can help children that have fallen behind catch up.

This Digital Equity Solution will initially last until July 31st. We’re hoping it will be successful and extend into the next school year.

Sumdog is personalized so students can choose the games they like best out of all 31 at school while answering questions tailored to their level. This ensures students are both learning and staying engaged.  With our new Digital Equity Solution, you can now choose the specific skills for students to practice, set assessments and view in-depth diagnostic results and reports. Use it in school or as homework!

Recent research, using independent tests, shows that Sumdog can almost double children’s math proficiency with just 30 minutes per week.

Download our Sumdog Infographic.

“Sumdog's mission is to narrow the achievement gap - by helping every child reach their full potential.”
Andrew Hall, Sumdog CEO

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“Sumdog helps make math fun for students and allows them to take more time on quizzes. Best of all, it gets students excited about math. ”
Sarah Fiala, Teacher, Airport Community Schools

“I'd recommend Sumdog because it's easy to use, you can seamlessly integrate it into your curriculum and the data it offers is really useful - it gives you both a broad overview as well as specific details!”
Andrew Esterline, Teacher, Tekonsha Community Schools