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Sumdog’s free online math contests are a fun way to motivate your students as they compete against other classes and schools, locally or nationally.

Over 48,000 classes take part every year, answering over 3.5 billion questions! It’s a great opportunity for students to practice math, have fun and boost their confidence.

How do the contests work?

Your students play alongside their classmates to compete against other classes and schools, locally or nationally.

They can join in on a smartphone, tablet or computer, in school or at home. Because our math contests are online, they are motivating for students, who enjoy the format.

Free to enter

It only takes a couple of minutes to sign up and you can continue using Sumdog for free even when the contest has ended!

Fair and adaptive

Sumdog’s questions are based on accuracy and are tailored to each student’s level – so everyone has a fair chance of winning.

Fun and engaging

Students simply answer math questions while playing Sumdog’s super fun online activities – they can even do it as homework.

Prizes to be won

You can win prizes, as well as Certificates of Achievement for your students (scroll down to bottom of page).


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Our next national contest takes place April 8th-14th, 2022! Enter now.

You can find a list of our regional contests below.

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Are there any prizes?

“After the first day of using the program, I knew it was an instant hit. The next day my students were eagerly asking, well, begging really, to use the program again.”
Sherri Oliver, Teacher, Mount Vernon Community School, VA, USA