October 22, 2021: Michigan Math Contest!


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  • Fun and friendly competition exclusive to Michigan schools
  • Personalized math questions, tailored to each student’s ability
  • Access to all 29 games during school hours
  • Trophies and medals up for grabs!

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Top 3 Reasons to Enter

  1. Keep students engaged and build confidence with in-game questions that are aligned to state standards and customized to their level.
  2. Reinforce a strong sense of community and state pride for children who will be competing against other Michigan schools.
  3. Students can participate anytime, anywhere – at school or at home – using any device.
“Even within one contest period I can see growth in my children”
Deb Milka, Michigan, Mattawan Early Elementary School

How it works

Whether they’re learning in school or at home, your students can play alongside their classmates using a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Free to enter

Michigan schools are getting all of Sumdog at no cost during school hours. Low-income families can also get it free after school. Find out more.

Fair and adaptive

Sumdog’s questions are based on accuracy and are tailored to each student’s level – so everyone has a fair chance of winning.

Fun for students

Students simply answer math questions while playing Sumdog’s super fun online activities – they can even do it as homework.

Win prizes

You can win prizes, as well as certificates of achievement for your students. Trophies will be awarded to the Top 3 classes and Top 3 students at the end of the competition.

Help spread the word

Share this downloadable Sumdog parent letter and contest poster with your colleagues and students.

Get parents excited about the contest too!

Share this with the parents and guardians of your students. It’s a handy way for them to have access to their student’s login information at home.

Halloween themed contest poster

Place this poster in your classroom or hallways to help spread the word and get more classes signed up!

Well done to last year's winners!

Sarah Fiala is a second grade teacher at Airport Community Schools in Newport, Michigan, and a seasoned educator. For the last five years, she has used Sumdog to drive student learning and engagement. What started as an activity for students struggling with math has become a regular part of her lessons to help keep learning interesting for students.

“Sumdog helps make math fun for students,” Ms. Fiala says. “Best of all, it gets students excited about math.”

One of Ms. Fiala’s classes was so engaged they went on to win a Sumdog County Contest. Her students were very enthusiastic during the contest, often asking for more time to use Sumdog during the school day and playing at home.

Well done to Ms. Fiala’s class!

Contest Checklist

Make sure you’re ready to take part in our contests with 5 steps:

  1. Set up your class on Sumdog.
  2. Login and enter your class (if you have an account).
  3. Have all students complete a diagnostic.
  4. Get students practice on Sumdog before the contest starts!
  5. Share the word with other teachers to join!

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