Professional Development Resources

We have compiled a variety of different resources to help you make the most out of your Sumdog account:

  • Quick “how to” videos to get you started
  • Slightly longer implementation videos to show you how to maximize Sumdog in and out of the classroom
  • Live online events that focus on specific topics and include interviews with members of our Sumdog team


The videos below are just a sample of a wider selection that’s available on our YouTube channel.


How To Videos

These quick, 2-4 minutes videos will help get you started on your Sumdog journey!


Watch more "how to" videos to get started on your Sumdog journey

Implementation Videos

Theses slightly longer videos will explain ways you can maximize your Sumdog subscription both in and out of the classroom!

Watch more implementation videos for ways to maximize your account

Live Online Events!

Our live online events are approximately 20 minutes long. Some focus on a specific area or feature of Sumdog, while others will include interviews with members of our Sumdog team.


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