Personalized math and spelling practice perfect for at-home learning

Make learning fun with online math and spelling games. Questions are aligned to all major standards for ages 5 – 14 and adapt to the right level for your child.

You can use Sumdog to:

  • Reinforce key math and literacy skills
  • Engage and motivate your children through gamified activities
  • Compete with peers in multiplayer games, helping children feel more connected

What is Sumdog?

Questions are embedded into games, with different games for different learning styles – racing games, cooking games, flying games – there’s something for everyone. Sumdog is all about personalizing the experience for each child. The questions adapt to meet your child where they are while letting them play with friends, a robot or kids from across the world.

Available on desktop and as an app for Android or iPhone, kids can practice anywhere.

Sumdog's games

See some of the games available on Sumdog by scrolling below

Answer correctly to use your siege cannon to aim at as many castles as you can. The better your aim, the higher your score!

Requires some aiming but not much precision, suited for any age that likes big explosions and rescuing chickens.

Feed the hungry people by assembling their perfect burgers as quickly as possible – but avoid the worms!

Requires a combination of speed and pattern-matching.

Have the best costume when the time runs out by taking good clothes for yourself and giving silly ones to the other players!

A simple game for kids of all ages who like to be creative

Practice your goal kicking skills with every correct answer – aim for the goal, but avoid hitting those practice dummies!

It’s easy to learn but challenging to master, suitable for all kids.

Answer questions correctly to boost your car around the city and beat the other racers!

A simple game that’s good for younger kids or those new to Sumdog.

Between answering questions, carefully stack junk to build the tallest tower you can… without it collapsing.

Requires skillful positioning of objects under time pressure.

Match groups of resources to combine them into floors for your tower and build it into the sky!

A pattern-matching game that’s good for kids that like a puzzle.

Perform crazy tricks for points, but don’t hold on too long or you’ll crash into the water!

A quick timing game suitable for all ages.

Race to collect your shopping before the other customers, but watch out for those slippery floors!


They love the games and are learning so much, without realising it

“Sumdog was introduced at school in the autumn term, yet my children are still as enthusiastic about using it today as they were nearly 6 months ago. They love the games and are learning so much, without realising it. Not only is it noticeable that they are doing better with their school work and their homework, but also they are picking up newly introduced topics quicker and that gives them more confidence in their abilities.”
Cathy Frankland, Parent, UK

Thank you Sumdog for creating engaging maths games that students love to play!

“Thank you Sumdog for creating engaging maths games that students love to play! We have a student who was really struggling with math and his achievement was well below grade level. I set him up with a Sumdog account and encouraged his parents to allow him to use it at home. The first night he answered more than 900 questions with a 50% accuracy rate. The next week, his accuracy rate had improved to 55%. Three weeks later, he had answered nearly 4,000 questions and his accuracy rate had skyrocketed to 78%!”
S. Dayton, Mariposa Elementary School, US
Engaging math practice in Sumdog

Makes learning fun!

Sumdog helps children to practise regularly. Combining fun games and achievements with curriculum-aligned questions, they won’t even realize they’re learning!

Rewards effort

For every correct answer, children are rewarded with coins to spend on their avatar or Sumdog house. And every time a child masters a new skill, their pet learns a new trick.

Adapts to your child

Sumdog gets to know your child’s ability with an initial diagnostic and takes them through the standards one skill at a time. You don’t need to set their level or adjust any settings – we’ve got it all covered.