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Personalized math and spelling practice perfect for at-home learning

Start with a free trial then $8.99/month. Subscription covers 3 children.

You can use Sumdog to:

  • Reinforce key math and literacy skills for ages 5 – 14
  • Engage and motivate your children through gamified activities
  • Find the right level for your child so they are answering questions automatically adapted to them

Sumdog's games

See some of the games Sumdog has available by scrolling below


Shoot as many hoops as you can from the 3 point line!

Great for: Challenging your nerve and your aim.


Carefully stack junk to build the tallest tower you can… without it collapsing!

Great for: Good for all, though younger kids may find challenging.

Street Racer

Answer questions correctly to boost your car around the city and beat the other racers!

Great for: A simple game that’s good for younger kids or those new to Sumdog.


Feed the hungry people by assembling their perfect burgers as quickly as possible!

Great for: Requires a combination of speed and pattern-matching. Good for all ages, but targeted towards older children.


Practice your goal kicking skills — aim for the goal, but avoid hitting those practice dummies!

Great for: It’s easy to learn but hard to master, suitable for all kids.

Try Sumdog Premium for free until April 10th 2023!

Payment details are required to access the trial but you can cancel anytime. This offer is valid for customers who are new to Sumdog and Albert and have not previously had a free trial.

Latest News

Helping children feel represented through our new avatar

Discover how our new 3D avatar, designed with inclusivity at its heart, gives children a great variety of personalization. We hope this helps children feel more represented on the Sumdog platform and motivate them in their learning.

Screenshot of Sumdog game Street Dash with wheelchair user - helping children feel more represented with our avatar