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Sumdog's free games

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Carefully stack junk to build the tallest tower you can… without it collapsing!

Great for: Requires skilful positioning of objects under time pressure. Good for all, though younger kids may find challenging.

Street Racer

Answer questions correctly to boost your car around the city and beat the other racers!

Great for: A simple game that’s good for younger kids or those new to Sumdog.


Feed the hungry people by assembling their perfect burgers as quickly as possible!

Great for: Requires a combination of speed and pattern-matching. Good for all ages, but targeted towards older children.


Practice your goal kicking skills — aim for the goal, but avoid hitting those practice dummies!

Great for: It’s easy to learn but hard to master, suitable for all kids.


Use your siege cannon to destroy as many castles as you can!

Great for: Requires some aiming but not much precision, suited for any age that likes big explosions and rescuing chickens.

Pier Walk

Try to have the best costume when the time runs out by taking good clothes for yourself and giving silly ones to the other players!

Great for: A simple game for kids of all ages who like to be creative.

How to access Sumdog as a parent

Whether your child has a login from school or you’re setting up a new account, start by signing up as a parent. You’ll be able to see what they’re working on, their diagnostic result and upgrade to a family subscription.

If your child has an account from school

Sign up for your parent account and you’ll be asked to enter the login details your child has from school.

If your child doesn't have a school account

Sign up for your parent account and you’ll be prompted to add them which creates a new login for your child to use.