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Welcome back. Use the guides below to help you update your school account for the new academic year.

Need some help getting set up?

Send us a spreadsheet with your class details and we’ll update your classes for you!

Class organisation

Update individual classes

Create individual classes to make sure students are in the correct classes for the new school year.

Upload multiple classes

Efficiently upload multiple classes for your school using a spreadsheet.

Edit classes once they are created

If the students are staying in the same class, you might just need to edit the class folders.

Old class clean up

Remove students who have left your school

If a student has left your school you should remove them from your Sumdog school.

Delete old classes

A new school year means new classes, so clean up your Sumdog account by deleting the old classes.

Teacher administration

Invite and remove teachers

Get new teachers involved and set up on Sumdog by inviting them to join your Sumdog school. Remove teachers from the account.

Assign teachers to their classes

Make sure that the correct teachers are assigned to each of the new Sumdog classes.

Frequently asked questions

I accidentally removed a student from my school. Can I add them back?

Where can I find my students' login details?

What devices and browsers are supported by Sumdog?

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