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Another school year is upon us, and we are here to make sure you have everything you need to fit Sumdog into your teaching this year. We’ve got guides to help you get set up and our support team is on hand to help.

Below you will find both a new and a returning user guide alongside lots of useful resources to get you ready for the new school year.

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New user guide

Welcome to Sumdog! This section includes some useful help guides to get you started on Sumdog:

Create an account & join your school

Create a teacher account to get started! You can then create a new Sumdog school or join an existing one.

Set up your class(es) on Sumdog

Create new classes for your school. For an existing school, simply add existing students to the new classes.

Edit classes once they are created

Don’t worry if you make a mistake whilst setting up your classes, you can easily edit the class after it is made.

Print login details for your students

Students will need their login details to get started. Find these on the teacher dashboard to print and share.

Returning user guide

Welcome back! Here are a few ways to get your Sumdog account ready for the new school year:

OId class clean up

Remove students who have left your school

If a student has left your school you should remove them from your Sumdog school.

Delete old classes

A new school year means new classes, so clean up your Sumdog account by deleting the old classes.

Class organisation

Create individual classes

Create individual classes to make sure students are in the correct classes for the new school year.

Upload multiple classes

Efficiently upload multiple classes for your school using a spreadsheet

Reset the diagnostic

Now is the perfect time to reset the math diagnostic to ensure that Sumdog gives students questions at their current level.

Teacher administration

Invite new teachers to Sumdog

Get new teachers involved and set up on Sumdog by inviting them to join your Sumdog school.

Assign teachers to their classes

Make sure that the correct teachers are assigned to each of the new Sumdog classes.

Webinars and videos

Did you know we have a whole series of free 20-minute webinar recordings, as well as a range of ‘how to’ videos available for you to watch? Our Sumdog expert shows you how to set up new classes, add new teachers to your account, navigate the teacher dashboard and so much more!

Visit our webinars page to find all existing webinar recordings and register for upcoming ones to help you get the most out of Sumdog.


All you need to get ahead of the curve.

Ice breaker activities

Parent information leaflet

Achievement certificate

Frequently asked questions

I accidentally removed a student from my school. Can I add them back?

Where can I find my students' login details?

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